Fixed Deposits

Features & Benefits

Sarvodaya Development Finance Limited accepts deposits from Sri Lankans over the age of 18, to open a Fixed Deposit Account with a minimum amount of Rs. 5,000/-.

 Each deposit is made for a specific period of time, in terms of months or years and gives a higher yield than regular savings accounts, depending on the tenure. Interest is paid either monthly or at maturity.

  • It is a fixed investment for 3months to 60months.
  • Loans can be taken against the deposit to a certain percentage.
  • Fixed interest rate for the period as agreed.
  • Senior Citizens are offered 1% additional interest rate.


  • Minimum deposit Rs.5000/-
  • Any citizen of Sri Lanka

Document Required

  • The completed mandate and the signature/s of the depositors.
  • NIC/s of the depositor/s
  • KYC of the depositor/s